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Missouri S&T Coatings Institute has developed a Technology Bulletin which will go via e-mail. It was developed for the paint and coatings industry and will have a wealth of information for quick and easy access.

Each edition contains explanations of technical concepts which can be confusing or technical updates of interest to the coatings industry.

Each edition is archived below for referral at anytime.

Vol 1 Issue 1    Inaugural Issue

Vol 1 Issue 2    Coalescent Aid Breakthrough Patented

Vol 1 Issue 3    Dr. Delbert Day Inducted to National Academy of Engineers

Vol 1 Issue 4    Center for Entrepreneurship and Outreach

Vol 1 Issue 5    Distinguished Professor Award to Dr. James Stoffer

Vol 1 Issue 6    Polyaniline as a corrosion inhibitor-Fact or Myth

Vol 1 Issue 7    QC/QA Data also Adhesion

Vol 1 Issue 8    Flash Rust

Vol 1 Issue 9    Corrosion 101

Vol 1 Issue 10  Corrosion 102 Surface Coating

Vol 2 Issue 1    Color Formulation

Vol 2 Issue 2    Degredation of Organic Coatings by Natural Weathering

Vol 2 Issue 3    Stain Evaluation and Freeze-Thaw Cycling

Vol 2 Issue 4    Intern Sponsorship, Mica Usage, and Drying Factors

Vol 2 Issue 5    Short Course Dates, Slip, and Water Borne Foam

Vol 2 Issue 6    Green Chemistry Award, Mud Cracking, and Side Bonding

Vol 2 Issue 7    Atlas Donation, Natural and Accelerated Weathering Testing

Vol 2 Issue 8    New Chair, Hide and PVC, Employee Cleanliness

Vol 2 Issue 9    Adhesion to Plastic and Profile Measurements

Vol 3 Issue 1    Special Effect Pigments

Special Edition  New Short Course Offering!

Vol 3 Issue 2    Adhesion Testing

Vol 3 Issue 3    Fall Short Course Dates, Algaier Professional Degree, and Film Thickness

Vol 3 Issue 4    Fall and Spring Short Course Dates, See you at ICE, Measuring Gloss, and Inter-coat Adhesion

Vol 3 Issue 5    Fall, Spring, and Summer Short Course Dates, ICE, Honorary Degree, and the Coatings System

Vol 3 Issue 6    Short Course Dates, ICE Wrap-up, and the Glass Transition Temperature

Vol 4 Issue 1    Influence of Temperature, Time and Air Quality on Ambient Cure Coatings

Vol 4 Issue 2    Short Courses, Kia Alavi receives Outstanding Alumnae Award, Atom Transfer Polymerization

Vol 4 Issue 3    Short Courses, Percent Solids, and Light Scattering

NameChange   UMR Name Change Announcement

Vol 5 Issue 1    Short Course Dates, Weinert Receives ACS Award, Epoxy Powder Coatings

Vol 5 Issue 2    Name Change, American Coatings Show, Nanoscale Pigments

Vol 5 Issue 3    Thixotropy

Vol 5 Issue 4    November Short Course, 2K Curing

Vol 6 Issue 1    Spring Short Course Dates, Gloss Reduction, pH Drift, Elastomer Elongation Measurement

   Summer and Fall Short Course Dates, Edible Coatings on Cut Fruit

Vol 6 Issue 3    Spring and Summer Short Course Dates, Review : ATR-IR Spectroscopy for the Coatings Industry

Vol 6 Issue 4    Fall Short Courses Dates, Effect of Tg on gloss of emulsion paint, A Quick “Touch” on Computer and Related Screen Coatings

Vol 7 Issue 1    Short Courses, Application of hollow microspheres in coatings

Vol 7 Issue 2    Short Courses, Physical Vapor Deposition Aluminum (PVDA): A special class of effect pigments

Vol 7 Issue 3    Short Courses, Moisture Scavengers for Urethane Coatings, Alliance for Advanced Coatings Research Donation

Vol 7 Issue 4    Short Courses, New employment tab, Some unconventional testing methods for coatings

Vol 8 Issue 1    Short Courses, Employment tab, To Restore or Not to Restore; Analytical Techniques Lend a Hand

Vol 8 Issue 2    Short Courses, Employment Tab, what factors are important in panel preparation for corrosion testing?

Vol 8 Issue 3    Short Courses, Employment Tab, Powder Slurry Coatings.

Vol 8 Issue 4   Short Course, Employment Tab, Selection Criteria for Pigmented UV Cure Coatings

Vol 9 Issue 1   Short course, American Coatings Show, Employment Tab, The Formation of Benard Cells

Vol 9 Issue 2   Short course, Employment Tab, What a big difference the particle size can make:Latex, waterborne urethane, water reducible resin
Vol 9 Issue 3   Short course, Employment Tab, Organic Corrosion Inhibitors: Factors that affect the inhibition efficiency of organic molecules
Vol 10 Issue 1 Short course, Employment Tab, Visible Light Curing of Coatings
Vol 10 Issue 2 Short course, Employment Tab, General Fire Retarding Methods

Vol 10 Issue 3   Short course, Employment Tab, Factors influencing coalescence of latex resins

Vol 10 Issue 4   Short course, Employment Tab, Particle Size Measurement by Dynamic Light Scattering in Coatings

Vol 10 Issue 5   Short course, Employment Tab, Recycle of powder coating manufacturing reclaim and end user over spray

Vol 10 Issue 6   Short course, Employment Tab, Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS)

Vol 10 Issue 7   Short course, Employment Tab, Protecting Paint from Microorganisms
Vol 11 Issue 1 Short course, Employment Tab, Factors affecting diffusion of polymer chains during latex film formation
Vol 11 Issue 2 Short course, Employment Tab, Evaluation of Paint Adhesion
Vol 11 Issue 3 Short course, Employment Tab, Leafing Aluminum Pigments
Vol 11  Issue 4  Short course, Employment Tab, Driers for Alkyd Resin
Vol 11  Issue 5  Short course, Employment Tab, Near Infra-Red (NIR) as non-destructive detecting of corrosion under coatings
Vol 11 Issue 6 Short course, Employment Tab, Micro-Indentation testing for hardness and modulus of coatings
Vol 12 Issue 1 Short course, Employment Tab, Selective property enhancement by modification of epoxy

Vol 12 Issue 2 Short course, Employment Tab, Quantum Mechanical Prediction of Corrosion Inhibition Efficiency

Vol 12 Issue 3 Short coures, Employment Tab, The methods of measuring Tg of polymers

Vol 12 Issue 4 Short coures, Employment Tab, Powder Coating
Vol 13 Issue 1  Short coures, Employment Tab, The importance of waterborne resin particle size
Vol 13 Issue 2 Short coures, Employment Tab, How to measure the appearance of the coating-part 1

 Vol 13 Issue 3 Short coures, Employment Tab, Uses of Fluorescent pigments

 Vol 13 Issue 4 Short coures, Employment Tab, How to measure the appearance of the coating-part II

 Vol 13 Issue 5 Short coures, Employment Tab, Dynamic Surface Tension by Maximum Bubble Pressure Tensiometer

Vol 13 Issue 6 Short coures, Employment Tab, Hiding

Vol 14 Issue 1 Short coures, Employment Tab, Rheology of Coatings Part I

Vol 14 Issue 2 Short coures, Employment Tab, Rheology of Coatings Part II

Vol 14 Issue 3 Short courses, Employment Tab, Paint Deformulation

Vol 14 Issue 4 Short Courses, Rheology of Coatings Part III

Vol 14 Issue 5 Short Courses, Polymeric Dispersants

Vol 14 Issue 6 Short Courses, An Overview of Salt Spray Corrosion Testing

Vol 14 Issue 7 Short Courses, GC Pyrolysis in Coatings

Vol 14 Issue 8 Short Coures, Basics of Wood Stains

Vol 15 Issue 1 60th Anniversary, Short Courses, Harness Testing in Paints

Vol 15 Issue 2 Short Courses, UV Damage

Vol 15 Issue 3 Short Courses, Density 

Vol 15 Issue 4 Short Courses, Silver Nanoparticles

Vol 15 Issue 5 Short Course, Absolute Molecular weight in GPC

Vol 15 Issue 6 Short Course, Surfactant

Vol 15 Issue 7 Short Course, Watching Paint Dry or How I Spent My Life

Vol 16 Issue 1 Short Course, Anti Skinning agents

Vol 16 Issue 2 Short Course, pH in coatings

Vol 16 Issue 3 Short Course, Adhension promoters in coatings

Vol 16 Issue 4 Short Course, Anti-freeze for coatings

Vol 17 Issue 1 Short Course, Flooding and Floating Phenomena