"Coatings for People in the General Industry, Sales & Marketing"


July 21-23, 2014

Missouri S&T campus - ROLLA, MO


The Missouri S&T Coatings Institute is proud to announce a new short course designed for the new coatings person in areas such as sales, marketing or production. The course was initiated by a number of raw material companies and distributors requesting a course with this format. This course is not as heavily technical as is our “Basic Composition of Coatings" and “Introduction to Paint Formulation" courses.

The "Coatings for People in the General Industry, Sales & Marketing " course is a two and a half day course which will discuss the types of coatings, the basic composition of coatings and the tests and specifications used by the industry. This course will allow the participant to gain the fundamentals needed to work in this industry and to communicate more clearly.

The following is an outline of the course content:

Day 1

  1. Introduction
    1. The industry
    2. Coatings types
  2. Composition
    1. Resin
      1. Latex
      2. Epoxy
      3. Urethane
      4. Polyester
      5. Alkyds
      6. Misc.
    2. Pigments
      1. Hiding and color
      2. Extenders
      3. Special purpose

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Day 2

  1. Composition (cont.)
    1. Solvents
      1. VOC
      2. Organic
      3. Water
    2. Additives
      1. Use
      2. Function
      3. Effect
  2. Testing and Specifications
    1. Rheology
    2. Wet end
    3. Dry end
    4. ASTM/Mil/GSA/etc.

Day 3

  1. Testing and Specifications (cont.)
    1. Weathering
    2. Color
  2. Formulation
  3. Questions, Discussion, and Evaluation

*Course Notes will be provided for all participants.

*Course Fee: $995.00

Registration Information

The course size is limited so register early!!

To register for this very functional course, call Catherine Hancock at (573) 341-4419 or e-mail us at coatings@mst.edu . Be sure to include the participant's name, company name, address, phone number, fax, and E-mail address. Also include the method of payment. We accept master card and visa or you can pay by check or be invoiced for payment.

Hotel Information

We recommend Hotel Super 8 Rolla at 1641 Martin Spring Dr.,Rolla, MO-65401. To reserve a hotel room call (573) 426-6688.


Telephone#: (573)-341-4419
E-mail address: mstformulation@mst.edu

Please have the following information ready:

Your Name, Company Name, Address, Telephone #, Fax #, e-mail address and method of payment (Visa, Mastercard, Check, or Invoice).

For More Information

For further information about our current activities and Missouri S&T academic programs contact Michael Van De Mark at (573) 341-4419 or 4882, or e-mail: mstformulation@mst.edu. You can also write to us at Missouri S&T Coatings Institute, BOM #2, 651 W. 13th St., Rolla, MO 65409-1020. Our web site is http://coatings.mst.edu