Graduating and Alumni Students

Graduate students

 1. Sagar Gade, is from Maharashtra, India. He received a Bachelor of Technology (2000-04) and Master of Technology (2004-06) in Surface Coating Technology from Institute of chemical Technology, (formerly UDCT), Mumbai. He worked as Senior Chemist with Behr Paints (2006-08) at Masco Coating Research Center, India. He is enrolled with Chemistry Department at Missouri S&T in Fall 2008 for Ph.D. program and working with Dr. Van De Mark. His Research interests are eco-friendly coatings, application of organometallic and use of renewable resources in coatings. To see Sagar’s resume click Here. He can be reached at

2. Ameya Natu, is from Mumbai, India. He finished his Bachelor’s in Surface Coatings Technology (2005-09) from Institute of Chemical Technology, (formerly UDCT), Mumbai. He is enrolled with the Chemistry department at Missouri S&T since Fall 2009 and working on his PhD under Dr. Michael Van De Mark at the Coatings Institute. His research expertise include rheology and surface tension study of polymeric nano-particles and colloids for application in polymers and coatings, developing novel catalyst systems for acrylic-melamine resin and formulating novel zero-VOC coatings. To see Ameya’s resume click Here. He can be reached at


Undergraduate students

1. Matt Patterson, is an undergraduate student expected to graduate in May 2014, is interested in organic synthesis and polymer chemistry. Relevant coursework includes Organic I & II, Analytic I, Intermediate Organic II, and Chemistry & Inherent Properties of Polymers. Matt is currently conducting research under Dr. Reddy on the efficacy of silver-copper nanoparticles in catalyzed Suzuki and Heck reactions in an effort to potentially replace much more expensive palladium-based catalysts. To see Matt's resume click Here

2. Brian Hahn, is an undergraduate student expected to graduate in May 2014.  Brian is a junior in chemical engineering with a minor in material science. He is active on the ChemE Car team and in the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE). To see Brian’s resume click Here


Alumni Students




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