The first coatings short course offered at the Missouri University of Science and Technologywas titled "Fundamentals of Paint" by Dr. Wouter Bosch in 1958.   Since then, more than 210 courses have been offered, and as of 2003 more than 7,800 people have attended these programs.  On the retirement of Dr. Bosch in 1971, Lewis Larson became director of the courses until 1977.  The late John Gordon was the director from 1977 to 1985.  The current program offerings are made by Dr. Michael Roy Van De mark, Director, Dr. Harvest Collier, Dr. James Stoffer and Dr. Thomas Schuman, along with other lecturers from the coatings industry.

    We formally established the Missouri S&T Coatings Institute in 1992.   The institute encompasses our industrial outreach program which aids the exchange of technical information with the coatings industry.  Our short course programs at Missouri S&T are now housed in the institute.  In addition to short courses, the institute will sponsor symposia, technology exchange and in-house education at companies.

    In July 1998 we moved into our new building formerly the U.S. Bureau of Mines.  Come see us and enjoy our newly donated equipment for our labs.

    Michael R. Van De Mark has been the Missouri S&T Coatings Institute Director for 18 years, an Associate Professor of Chemistry at Missouri S&T and is involved in polymer coatings and organic synthesis research.  His areas of research interest include flash rust inhibition, water reducible resin synthesis and characterization, phthalocyanine pigment research, low VOC and water borne formulation, and organic photo-electro-chemistry.  He is the author of many papers and has developed several new protocols for industry including four patents.  Dr. Van De Mark received his Ph.D degree from Texas A&M University, followed by a two year postdoctoral a the University of Minnesota.  He was on the faculty of the University of Miami for seven years.  

    Dr. Harvest Collier is a Professor of Chemistry at Missouri S&T and is involved in the basic research of transition metal compounds, inorganic materials, polymer synthesis, polymer characterization, and their application.  He conducts a range of research and development activities on coatings system component utilization and coatings formulation development as well as the development and application of testing methods for performance evaluation.  Along with contributing to the efforts of the Missouri S&T Coatings Institute, Dr. Collier is president of the Alliance for Advanced Coatings Research.  Dr. Collier received his Ph.D degree from Mississippi State University.  He has worked in the chemical industry in areas of new product development and marketing and currently participates in industrial collaborations that seek to promote student education and new technology application.

    Dr. James Stoffer is Professor Emeritus of Chemistry at Missouri S&T where he taught and did research in polymers and coatings science for more than 20 years.   His work includes micro emulsion polymerization, ultrasonic dispersion of pigments, ultrasonic and microwave initiated free radical polymerizations and transparent composites.  He has studied organic polymerization mechanics so as to better understand paint chemistry and has worked with several different companies to develop new types of coatings.  Dr. Stoffer received his Ph.D degree for Purdue University.   He spent two years as a postdoctorate at Cornell University and one year as a visiting Professor at the University of California at Berkeley.  The students at Missouri S&T selected him five times as an outstanding teacher of the year.

    Dr. Thomas Schuman is an Assistant Professor of Chemistry.  He is involved with coatings research, spectoscopy, corrosion, adhesion to metal and plastic substrates, metallic and non-metallic corrosion inhibitors, surface adsorption, organic polymer synthesis, development of industrial agricultural materials and applications.   Dr. Schuman received his B.S. in 1986, his M.S. in 1989 and his Ph.D., in 1992 all from the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

   For more information about the Coatings Institute, contact: Dr. Michael R. Van De Mark, Director, Missouri S&T Coatings Institute. You may reach him at (573) 341-4882 or 4419, or e-mail: